Azure AD Easy OAuth

Azure AD Easy OAuth is a simple application registry and proxy site for making client-side authentication a breeze with Azure AD and Office 365. Use the button and information below to register an application and wire up Eazy OAuth in your applications. It doesn't have any javascript library dependencies, so you can use it with just about anything.

How it works

1. Register an Application:

Register an App »

2. Reference EasyOAuth.js script while providing the application client id:

<script src="" data-clientid="a5bd9b99-f22b-4657-bbfe-49ee4fc563e5"></script>

3. Invoke AzureADAuth.getAccessToken with then/error promises:

   .then(function (token) {
      //handle token
   .error(function (err) {
      //handle error

Give it a try

See the Pen Azure AD Easy OAuth by Richard diZerega (richdizz) on CodePen.

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